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Cool Bloggers Walking Club - April Recap

During April, I joined in with the CBWC, initiated by Elisabeth. The idea is to walk at least 10 minutes every day. By setting the bar low it makes it doable most days, and getting the body moving is so good. I do walk most days, but my minimum is usually 20-25 mins, so I was hoping by making the minimum 10 I’d get out more often.

So how did I go? Well, pretty well.

  • I walked 23/30 days in April

  • 3 days I didn’t walk because I was sick,

  • 2 days I didn’t walk because I was looking after O when he was sick

  • 1 day I didn’t walk because it was too wet

  • 1 day I forgot to walk because it was too busy at work

The lovely part of being part of this activity is that I noticed my surroundings more. I took more photos of my locations and in doing so, really noticed how beautiful they were.

A few highlights:

Discovered a local park that is growing eucalyptus to donate to wildlife centres for rescued koalas

Stopped to notice the sparkling sun reflecting off the lake outside my work as I took a lunchtime walk

Enjoyed some walks with the kids

Marvelled at some newly arrived flowers on my way

Spotted this guy (or girl) while walking in the rain one morning

Stopped for a play with the kids one day.

So my take home: the benefit to CBWC for me was not just walking more often, but noticing more around me on those walks, which is beneficial in its own right. I’ll call that a success!

Did anyone else join in on CBWC this month? What was your experience?

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May 04

I had a similar level of success I think? I did great until later in the month when I had both car and air travel and very busy days at work. I was disappointed I couldn’t see the challenge through because how hard should it be to find 10 minutes? And yet it was hard!

The kangaroo pic reminds me of my time when I studied abroad on the Sunshine Coast of Australia! There were SO MANY kangaroos on campus. It was quite an experience to look out the window and see groups of kangaroos. I am from North Dakota so it was quite exciting!!


May 02

I did do CBWC - haha! It was a nice boost to my month when I really needed it. That said, yesterday I didn't walk. Oops. I mean, the "challenge" was over but I didn't mean to fall off the wagon so quickly. It's okay, I've already been on a 4 km walk today thanks to the morning school commute.

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