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Five on a Friday

I started this post on Friday, though it is Saturday now because apparently it takes me at least two days to write one post!

  1. Proud mum moment this week: E walked into school all by herself. I stood by the road and watched her walk across the school grounds to her room, and he turned and waved before going inside, so I knew she was fine. This is the first time I haven't walked her to the door, and I was simultaneously proud and emotional at how big she's getting. I'm not usually emotional about things like this but this one got me!

  2. We finally got rid of the lice! (I hope). Last week I shared that E had lice in her long, thick hair, and overall it took 3 treatments and about 5 extended combing sessions (and washing so many sheets!) to get rid of them altogether. I can only hope that's it for another year or two (last outbreak was in 2022).

Such great hair. If only lice didn't agree...

3. The weather is becoming cooler, and I'm loving it. We've had a particularly hot, rainy, humid summer and it has not been my favourite. (33 degrees C and 90% humidity, anyone?) But a couple of mornings this week it has been a little cool, and that freshness in the air has been thrilling. Not enough to wear long sleeves or pants yet (jeans will stay in the cupboard for another couple of months), but still lovely nonetheless.

Some of our property ended up under water this summer from all the rain!

4. O is becomes so talkative. He's always loved singing songs, and could comment on things or demand something (very good at the latter), but his two way conversation was lacking. Just this week he's started to ask us what we are up to, and interacting a lot more with the other kids at daycare too. Lovely to see this milestone.

Our little guy is becoming social

5. I have a big parenting weekend (I'll be solo all day/evening today and from 12 all afternoon tomorrow). However a friend (who also has a big parenting weekend) and I who have kids similar ages will do a trade off. My kids are coming to hers for a play date this morning so I can have a couple of hours to do errands and have a coffee without kids, and then tomorrow morning her kids are coming to ours while she does her own stuff. So glad we have this option. It truly does take a village.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Apr 14

Hi! I'm Daria from New Jersey (USA), I also have two kids - 4 and 6 years old. I just discovered your blog. I blog at - looking forward to digging in with your post :)

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