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What would Care look like?

My 2024 word of the year is Care. I chose that word after an intense and stressful (at times) 2023, where on reflection I didn’t always make decisions that were caring towards myself (which also reduced how much energy I had to be caring to others).

Photo by Wix

So for 2024, I wanted to show care to myself and others, my space, my community, and my environment. Mostly, it’s been going pretty well. Even though I haven’t been actively thinking about it every day, I’ve generally been making choices to not take on too much, prioritise family, friends and my team, and I’ve been organising my home (caring for my space).

BUT when entering a very busy and intense couple of weeks, I find it helpful to ask: What would care look like during this period? My default is just to white nuckle it and try to get everything done successfully, no matter how stressful and exhausting. But there is another way.

So, what would care look like for this fortnight for travel and travel prep?

It would look like:

  • Having a daily walk and some stretches

  • Doing a short meditation each day

  • Doing my Wordle/blogs etc each day

  • Rescheduling anything non urgent to AFTER this busy period (and not the day after- the week or month after!)

  • Framing the work trip as a learning experience (because it will be! I won’t handle everything perfectly and that’s ok)

  • Planning some sightseeing/experiencing each day it’s possible on the trip. I’ll be visiting beautiful places after all, and it will be a shame if all I see while I’m there is my hotel room and conference venue!

  • Taking the Friday I’m back completely off to rest and spend time with the kids and Al

  • Expect and accept the fact it will take 3-4 weeks to catch up on everything at work that fell behind because I was traveling.

On another note, it was Mother’s Day yesterday in Australia. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother-figures! And sending care to those who find the day difficult. My kids made me gifts which I always love.

From E. It says. “When I think of mum the word smart comes to mind. Because mum is a brain scientist Mum is also a boss.” Love it!!!

From O. It’s a homemade fridge magnet! Thanks O and preschool teachers 😉

Anyone do any fun Mother’s Day activities? And does anyone else do a pep talk and active planning to handle a busy period?

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May 16

LOVE the Mother's Day gifts! I especially love how E's word for you is "smart." Th'at's awesome.

Your "care" items are perfect. I especially like framing the trip as a learning experience, taking time to sightsee, and taking the Friday off when you get home. I'll be excited to hear how it all goes!


May 14

The Mother's Day gifts from your kids are so sweet!

Love your word of the year. What a great, versatile lens through which to see the world.


Lisa Segner
Lisa Segner
May 13

Awww I love the word E associates with you! My oldest filled out a survey which was pretty accurate overall although I was surprised he didn’t mention anything about reading since we read a lot together, go to the library every weekend and I read a ton of books each year. Instead he said I enjoy sleeping. Lol. I guess they are picking up on the fact that mom is tired which is the truth. But overall it was very sweet to see how he filled it out!

Do you listen to the lazy genius? She had a great podcast about when life feels like a fire hose recently. It was really great!

May 13
Replying to

Excellent, well with that double recommendation I’ll definitely listen. Usually love the lazy genius but lately I’ve forgotten to listen. Thanks!

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