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Manifesto for a busy week

The weekend just gone was busy and parenting heavy- multiple play dates, lots of solo parenting, lots of home chores and errands. It was a successful but tiring weekend.

There was even a sleep over. Here's O trying out the trundle.

And now I have a busy week ahead, that will be VERY work heavy. This includes: a) a busy day in the office today including a presentation and discussion with an important international visitor, b) interstate work conference with a jam packed schedule Tuesday morning to Thursday evening, and c) an all day training workshop Friday. Oh dear.

So, here is my manifesto for a good week:

  1. Eat the salad. I have a tendency during busy times, especially with travel involved, to eat more junk food, when this is exactly when I need to choose healthy, sustaining options.

  2. Exercise every day. Even if it's just for 20 minutes. Conferences and training sessions involve a lot of sitting, and a brisk walk to clear my head and give me energy is always worth squeezing in. One day is scheduled from 8am to 10.30 pm, however, I can see there's a break from 4-6, so that's where I can squeeze in a walk.

  3. Be selective with what other work I try to do this week. I have a tendency to still try to get other work done when travelling, but this trip will be very packed. There are a couple of time sensitive work tasks that are due this week, otherwise I can push most items forward to next week. Trying to juggle the conference/training and other tasks would be a recipe for overwhelm.

  4. Use the airport time to prep for my trip, plan, and relax. I have a habit of trying to fit in other work tasks at the airport, but the conference involves a number of key meetings where some preparation would be very helpful. Also taking an hour or two to relax and read a book will be important I think considering how busy the rest of the time will be,

  5. Set an out of office email message from Tuesday to Friday. Given how packed these days will be, I don't want to have to to reply to any emails except those that are truly urgent. I usually don't send an out of office, but this time I will.

  6. Don't plan anything major on the weekend so I can recover! Thankfully next weekend we only have swimming and one birthday party coming up, and I intend to keep a big chunk of it free for downtime and recovery, and quality time with the family of course.

So that's it. Let's hope by following these rules this week can be a positive experience, rather than simply exhausting! Wish me luck.

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Mar 18

Going into a busy week with a plan- I love it! My work life isn't as intense as yours, but when I have a busy day ahead I try to think about how I'm going to approach it, and lately have been coming up with a "theme" for each day to keep me focused on the right things.

I hope your week goes well- you've definitely set yourself up for success!

(Btw not sure how to comment so my blog is linked, but I'm Jenny at

Mar 18
Replying to

Love the idea of a theme for a busy day to keep you on track. So far so good but it’s only been 1 day so far! I’ll report back after my trip!

Also, thanks for noting you can’t link to your blog, I’m sure there’s a setting I’ve missed to include the URL link- I’m on it. The joy of being a beginner at all this! (And I have been visiting you at runners fly 🙂)

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