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Weekend challenges (and solutions!)

Now that the kids are older, weekends are definitely more restorative and less exhausting than they used to be. 6.5 and 3 is easier on a typical weekend than 4.5 and 1, for example, and more adventurous weekends like last weekend's camping are possible now in a way that previously didn't feel worth the effort. These days, I generally look forward to weekends with the kids, which is great. This is true even with my husband working big chunks of the weekend as his new business is still in its first year.

But as I write this on late Saturday afternoon, I haven't really enjoyed this one so far. Which has made me reflect what's been present and/or missing so far to make it feel that way. And importantly, can it be redeemed?!

What's been missing:

So far I've had no time to myself that hasn't involved parenting of some sort, and I haven't gotten in any exercise. This morning it was raining which meant an early morning walk was not an appealing option, and then Al took O for his swim lesson while I took E to the library. A little later Al then had to head to work so I had the kids for the next few hours solo. So no opportunity for time to myself yet. I did do some planning of my weekend this morning over coffee which is another essential part of having a good weekend for me, so that's good. But it was constantly interrupted by kids which is typical unless I'm physically out of the house!

Our back garden on a nice day is pretty special

What's been present:

Rain! Which limits our outdoor time which isn't good for me OR the kids. We have a fairly modest 3 bedroom home (don't get me wrong, it's totally sufficient for us, just not huge), but we have a large, lush yard that is wonderful to be out in when the weathers nice. We have a subtropical climate so our summers tend to be hot and humid, and this one has been particularly hot and wet, which I've found challenging. Also present has been extra home tasks, including a) head lice treatment, yes E has some unwanted visitors, and she had (beautiful!) thick, long hair so it's quite a trial getting rid of them, b) extra chores because we were away last week and got a bit behind (extra laundry, and of course don't forget all sheets due to above lice issue!, and c) clutter! Urgh, this is an ongoing issue in our house. The toy area is in a high traffic area and the visual mess and clutter stresses me out!


By listing the problems it really helps me see the solutions. 1) get some exercise! Al has just arrived home from work and it's not raining, so I can go for a brisk walk. Also hopefully get in another walk tomorrow too. 2) Schedule in time to myself- this may be a coffee (and blog) at a local cafe at 6.30 am tomorrow, or it could even be grocery shopping and coffee later on. Just have to see how things play out, but I'll make sure it happens. 3) Reorganise the living spaces! We have some time before Al head's to work tomorrow morning, so I hope we can make this happen (or at least start!). Having the toys contained to a low traffic area will hopefully improve the clutter issues!

I'll also want to get out with the kids for a bit tomorrow, so either to a playground, or indoor play centre if it rains again... we'll see!

Hopefully these intentional changes will improve my weekend... I'll report back.

Feel free to share any key elements you have to make the weekend a good one!

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