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Weekend recap

So, how did I go implementing my strategy for a improved weekend discussed in the last post? Well, it was a mixed bag but overall pretty well.

Getting out into this always makes me feel better.

Saturday afternoon I did go for a long walk, and it was delightful. Half of the way I listened to a podcast, and halfway I took out my earpods and just listened to the birds. The only upside of all the rain was the much cooler temperature. Then when I got home we ordered pizza and the kids ate theirs in the other room watching their screens while Al and I ate ours together in front of the TV, having adult conversation. It was great because this rarely happens, and it felt a bit like a date or our evenings pre-kids. Bedtime was quick and seamless too that night because the kids were tired, so that was a win too!

Sunday morning our plans to move the living areas around, and for me to go out solo for an hour or two, got derailed because a staff member of Al's business callled in sick so he had to work all day, leaving just after 7am. So lucky we'd had a nice evening the night before! It was pouring with rain, so I decided to take the kids early to an indoor playcentre, which they love and is quite expensive so is a bit of a treat. I got us all ready and in the car before 9 am which I was proud of, but when we got there it wasn't open yet! Oops. It actually opened on Sundays at 10 not 9 as I thought. Luckily there was a cafe next door so we went there for half an hour for coffee for me, and apple juice and hot cross bun for the kids.

The kids were amazingly behaved, Eleanor drawing and Owen singing to himself, while I drank my coffee, hooray!

Bonus is that coffee was undoubtedly better than what I'd get at the playcentre.

Finally we headed into the playcentre once it was open. The kids had so much fun, and E was so great looking after her little brother, I was proud. O was also very brave, loving going down the big slides with a lot of much older kids!

E sticking with O, and helping him out when we needed in the "big kid" areas.

We headed home about lunchtime, and O slept in the car on the way home, I stayed out in the car with him while he continued to sleep when we got home, because I decided it was too risky moving him from the car (he still needs at least a 40 minute nap), but was able to do my weekly planning and some tasks from the car while he slept.

What a cutie

The afternoon contained mostly chores, including starting the process of relocating the toy area, which looks a terrible mess as the task is underway, but I hope will be infinitely better once it's done. We managed to have an early dinner (honey soy chicken bake and rice), bath and bedtime, with both kids asleep just after 8, which is how I like my Sunday nights. So overall, a good weekend! Getting out of the house a few times (both solo and with the kids), one long walk, and making a start on tackling the toy room, all helped.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone had a good weekend, or if it wasn't amazing, it at least had some good moments!

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