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A good day

Yesterday was a holiday for me but not Al or ghe kids so I had an opportunity to have a “shouldless” few hours and I made the most of them. The concept of a shouldless day I believe was coined by Lisa and I love it, as a working parent my life is made up of shoulds, so it’s nice to take some deliberate time off.

Overall, the day was nice! Not AMAZING, but nice, it had moments of relaxation, moments of fun, and an overall relaxed, slow vibe. It was really needed, and I’m glad I took it.

Here’s how it went. After dropping off E at school (Al dropped O at daycare) I:

Headed to a cute local town and got a coffee and sat in a local park in the sun and wrote in my journal, something I’ve just started to do again after a few months hiatus. I then wandered into a cute gift shop and got a couple of craft type presents for E (her birthday is next week).

Weather was just lovely (if a little chilly first thing)

I then headed to an offsite work meeting for an hour close by. This was not technically shouldless as it was work related, but there was coffee and cake and nice chats in the sunshine (we are planning a new research project), so it was actually nice.

I drove to a local massage place and had an hour long massage! It was relaxation but also she spent a long time on my neck because it was sore from sleeping funny, lifting the kids etc. It was really good, and felt so nice to be pampered!

I headed back home for lunch. I made a BLT which was delicious, and ate while watching YouTube. I ignored the clean laundry which needed folding. I drank tea and sat in bed. I then had to drag myself out to pick up E from school. She asked if she could go on the iPad and usually I would say no, but I said yes.

This BLT doesn’t look amazing, but it was so tasty!

This allowed me to have a nap! I had about an hour nap, and then about 4.30 I slowly prepped dinner (beef tacos), while listening to a podcast, an older episode of Best Laid Plans which was the perfect vibe. Only ruined by when E was told to get off the iPad, and had a meltdown. I knew that would come. Sigh. Oh well, that’s the price we paid for me to have a nap! She eventually calmed down.

Al returned with O and wine at about 5.30, and we enjoyed the tacos and wine while the kids watched some TV. And then there was laundry folding and kids bed time and the shouldless part of the day was definitely done! But it was good while it lasted 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!

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